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  • Even one small tools have many kinds of usage on the working which may not image, the combination with cheap price, good quality, and precision accuracy and angles. with more than 10 using ways to make your job easier and perfect.


  • The Spirit Level Tools is a type of metering that uses the principle of the level of the liquid surface to directly display the angle displacement, and the measured surface is relatively horizontal position, the vertical position, and the degree of departure of the tilt position.


  • The accuracy of the spirit level refers to the axial movement of the level bubble and the inclination angle when the center of the bubble coincides with the symmetrical center of the left and right marking lines when the level is at a specified horizontal inclination angle.


  • A square tool is made for drawing or checking right angles, and sometimes for scribing lines. The square tools are characterized by high precision, good stability and easy maintenance


  • Before using it, you must first make a school pair, calibrate the spirit level tools. Place it on a flat wall, draw a line, call the horizontal ruler, put it on the line you originally painted. If it is capable of coincidence, it is also possible to ensure that the measured data is also accurate.


  • The right angle precision square is mainly used for the inspection and marking of the right angle of the workpiece. When installing and adjusting the equipment, the verticality of the relevant surface of the part or component is inspected.