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The error analysis of the spirit level tool(1)

Digital level(spirit level tool) is composed of optical mechanical part and electronic equipment. In addition to the above two items, the error also includes the error caused by the combination of the two. The error caused by the optical mechanical part has been well known. It mainly includes A. error of circular level; b. Operation error of focusing lens; c. Collimation axis error caused by vertical axis inclination; d. Compensation error of automatic compensator. The following mainly discusses the errors caused by electronic equipment and their combination.

1 error caused by physical characteristics of linear array detector (CCD)(spirit level tool)

1.1 the intensity of light causes the error of image contrast of bar code ruler(spirit level tool)
The digital level is measured according to the position and proportion of the bar code image on the detector. The physical characteristics of CCD determine that under the conditions of too strong or weak light, uneven illumination on the surface of the bar code ruler, strong light flicker at the moment of observation, external thermal flicker, etc., the contrast of the scale image will be greatly reduced, and local distortion will also be caused, which will cause measurement error and even unable to read.

1.2 influence of artificial light(spirit level tool)
The detector of digital level receives and detects bar code image by using infrared light part (CCD array is most sensitive to infrared light). Therefore, when measuring under artificial light, such as weak infrared light component, it will cause measurement error and even unable to read. In this regard, the digital level uses visible light to receive and detect bar code images, so it is not affected by this.