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The error analysis of the spirit level tool(3)

3 error of TV quasi axis (I angle)(spirit level tool)
The influence of the error of the TV collimation axis (angle I) on the leveling is theoretically the same as that of the optical level, but the TV collimation axis (angle I) lacks the property of absolutely calibrating the horizontal line of sight like the optical collimation axis (angle I) in the digital level. However, the influence of TV quasi axis (I angle) on the accuracy of leveling is positive, and it changes with the change of external conditions. Although it can be weakened by the equal length of front and rear sight distance, and the digital level can be automatically corrected by the program set in the machine, the external conditions are changing at any time. Measuring the I angle at any time and correcting it will not only affect the operation efficiency, but also the correction number can not be linearly simulated.

4 error caused by changes in external conditions(spirit level tool)
The measuring system composed of digital level and bar code ruler works under the changing external conditions. Changes in external conditions will cause errors in various parts of the instrument. This influence is often manifested in the comprehensive influence of various components and their combinations. The errors caused by the influence of external factors mainly include: (1) the influence of the change of collimation axis (I angle); (2) The influence of atmospheric vertical refraction; (3) Influence of vertical displacement of instrument and scale; (4) Influence of ground vibration; (5) Influence of ground electromagnetic field, etc.

5 error of conventional level overcome by digital level(spirit level tool)
(1) There is no reading error and no artificial reading error; (2) Multi bar code (can be considered as multi graduation) measurement to weaken the Graduation Error of the scale; (3) Automatic multiple measurements to weaken the influence of changes in external conditions; (4) Realize the integration of internal and external business, and realize automatic recording, inspection, processing and storage.