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How to use the spirit level tool

1. (spirit level tool)Installation is to install the instrument on a retractable tripod and place it between two observation points. First, open the tripod and make the height moderate, use the visual estimation method to make the frame head roughly horizontal and check whether the tripod is firm, then open the instrument box and connect the leveling instrument to the tripod with the connecting screw.

2. Rough leveling(spirit level tool) is to make the line of sight of the instrument roughly horizontal, and use the foot screw to set the circle level bubble in the circle index circle. Specific method: practice with instruments. During leveling, the direction of bubble movement is consistent with the direction of thumb movement.

3. (spirit level tool)Aiming is to accurately aim at the target with a telescope. First, turn the telescope to the bright background in the distance, and turn the focusing screw of the eyepiece to make the crosshair most clear. Then loosen the fixing screw, rotate the telescope, align the connection between the illumination door and the collimation with the level gauge, and tighten the fixing screw. Finally, rotate the aiming screw of the objective lens to make the of the level ruler fall clearly on the plane of the cross wire, and then rotate the micro screw to make the image of the level ruler lean against one side of the cross vertical wire.
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