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The similarity between spirit level tool and other level tool(1)


Electronic level(spirit level tool) is a high-tech product integrating optical, mechanical and electrical measurement, which is based on automatic Anping level, adds spectroscope and detector (CCD) to the optical path of telescope, and adopts bar code ruler and image processing electronic system. When using ordinary ruler, it can be used like general automatic leveling level. Compared with traditional instruments, the spirit level tool has the following common characteristics: 

1) the reading of the spirit level tool is objective. There is no error or misrecording, and there is no artificial reading error.

2)The spirit level tool has High precision. Sight height and sight distance readings are obtained by averaging a large number of bar code division images after processing, so the influence of ruler division error is weakened. Most instruments have the function of averaging multiple readings, which can weaken the influence of external conditions. Unskilled operators can also carry out high-precision measurement.
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