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What is a spirit level?

The spirit level is a measuring instrument that uses the principle of the level of the liquid level to directly display the angular displacement with the level bubble, and measure the deviation of the measured surface relative to the horizontal position, the vertical position and the inclined position.

This level can be used for both short-distance measurement and long-distance measurement. It also solves the shortcomings of the existing level that can only be measured in open areas and is difficult to measure in narrow places. It is accurate in measurement, low in cost, easy to carry and economical. Be applicable.

The level ruler is mainly used to detect or measure the level and verticality. It can be divided into aluminum alloy square tube type, I-shaped type, die-casting type, plastic type, special-shaped and other specifications; the length ranges from 10CM to 250CM. The straightness of the material and the quality of the leveling bubble determine the accuracy and stability of the level.

The spirit level has a level bubble, which can be used for inspection, measurement, marking, equipment installation, and industrial engineering construction.