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Combination square

Combination square is a common measuring instrument used for angle, length, height measurement and center positioning in machining and wood mold processing.

The outer ring of the protractor has a scale of 0° to 180° from left to right, and the inner ring of the protractor has a scale of 180° to 0° from right to left; there are two hinges in the middle of the length of the ruler, which The ruler can be folded in half, the upper end of the ruler has a hollow peach shape, the peach tip of the peach shape is in the middle of the ruler, and the lower part of the ruler has a 2-3 mm wide hollow; is connected by a movable movable axis. The utility model can be used as a protractor, and can also be used as a ruler, and when used as a protractor, an angle with an angle greater than 180° can be measured. When not in use, just fold the ruler and rotate the ruler so that the bottom of the ruler and the protractor overlap, so that the two measuring tools are combined into one.