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Level Measurement Method

Level measurement method
Before the machine tool is assembled, its components need to be tested. Specifically, it is mainly to test the parallelism, straightness, verticality and work surface of the machine tool guide rail.
After each part has passed the separate inspection, they are assembled together and tested again. If the test result is poor at this time, it is very likely that such parts must be disassembled and re-shaved, which will cause time and effort to adjust. Waste, if each part can be checked accurately, it will save more time.
Current status of industry testing.
There are usually three types of measuring instruments for machine guide rails:
(1) Level ruler;
(2) Automatic aiming device;
(3) Laser interferometry.
Main features of the three instruments:
Autocollimator measurement method: The degree is higher than that of the level, but it is not easy to achieve very high accuracy.
The larger the range, the larger the error. It is mainly used to measure the straightness of medium and long guide rails.
Interferometric measurement method: large distance measurement, fast measurement speed, high measurement accuracy, continuous measurement, data processing, display and printing with microcomputer, strong anti-interference ability, high cost. The scope of application is large, the precision is high, and orbital measurement is required. During the measurement, the main phenomena are as follows:
1. The bubble is stable for a long time, and it cannot be adjusted while watching, and changes cannot be observed at any time.
2. The number of readings must be placed directly below the field of view, otherwise deviations will easily occur.
3. The measurement range is small.
4. Poor accuracy and poor stability.
5. The data cannot be output, and complex calculations are required for each measurement, which is prone to errors.
6. It cannot directly reflect the distortion and deformation of the machine tool and its guide rails, which is not conducive to the quick adjustment and maintenance of the installer.
In view of the current status of the machine tool industry and the characteristics of various instrument measurements, Odsen company customized electronic level to realize machine tool measurement, which mainly has the following characteristics:
1. The instrument is small in size, easy to operate, and easy to read;
2. In terms of measurement accuracy, the division value of Odsen's high-precision electronic level can reach 0.001mm/m, which is especially suitable for the measurement of small angles, flatness, flatness, and geometric errors of machine tools.
3. The measured readings can be read directly from the electronic display, and there is no measurement error.
4. It also provides a communication interface or selects Bluetooth transmission, which can automatically collect and process the measurement data through direct communication with the computer, and then adjust the machine tool in a targeted manner according to the clear and easy-to-understand graphics.
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