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Keep safe is the most important and first need to everyone who worked for JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO LTD which is the factory for level tools and square tools.

JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is an old manufactures for many kinds of spirit levels, Layout Squares and Triangle Squares etc more than 20 years. 

JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD always aim to improve the environment they lived and work place, so most of our workers can stay long time and keep satisfied with our factory, almost 1/4 were worked more than 10 years old, almost 1/4 worked more than 5 years, so our workers are so familiar with our programs for spirit level tools, torpedo levels, and squares tools very well that can control the quality from the first step. 

First of all, safe production is an important guarantee for enterprise development, which is an important concept we implement in production and operation. An enterprise is a cell in the big family of society. Only by doing a good job in its own production safety and ensuring the safety of one party can it promote the stability of the social environment and create a good development environment for the enterprise. So JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD advocacy on how to do their job for producing multifunction speed square or aluminium alloy box level safely frequenly.

Secondly, safety production is an important part of corporate culture construction. Safety is the most important and basic need of human beings and the basic guarantee of human life and health. All life and production activities originate from the existence of life.
If people lose their lives, there is no way to talk about life, and life will lose its meaning. If a person is disabled due to an accident or suffers from occupational diseases due to occupational hazards, his (her) quality of life will definitely be greatly reduced. Then making levels or squares measuring tools will lose meaning. 
In short, "safety first" is an eternal theme. Only the safe development of an enterprise is the healthy development and harmonious development. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job of safety.

Safety production responsibility must be "vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge", which clearly points out that safety production is the management of all employees. "Longitudinal to the end" means that the production and operation units, from the factory director, general manager to each operator, should have their own clear responsibilities for production safety; each business department should be responsible for production safety within the scope of their own responsibilities. Every one need to keep your position and protect yourself well, then can make good quality of productions, for example Box Spirit Level, multiFunction try square.

to be continued......