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Say goodbye to obsolete, creat new appearance, 6S quality management makes the company's quality awareness to a higher level, and makes better quality of spirit levels and squares


The environment of JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is clean and tidy, the showroom is beautiful and atmospheric, every production workshops and the shelves are neatly displayed, the level tools and square tools classification is clear, and the display is reasonable.

The sample room is the most important symbol of a factory, which is directly related to the customer's first impression of the factory. A good-looking, appropriate sample room is a sharp edge in the battle for consumers' visual attention.
The sample room of JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is simple and atmospheric, with clear tones and strong impact. Excellent visual effects make it easier for customers to trust the professionalism of our products of various kinds of Bubble Level tools and Rafter Square Tools, and invisibly convey the brand culture and characteristics to customers in the most direct way.

Excellent and tidy product display for measuring tools can display brand style, beautify storefronts, and stimulate consumption. Scientific, professional, and adaptable to consumer psychology and needs of commodity display can greatly increase the distance with customers.

Highlight the characteristics of Rafter Square Tools products, take consumers as the center, and take the needs of consumers as the guide to adopt scientific display methods to create a "boutique" atmosphere, giving consumers strong sensory stimulation, thereby establishing a brand image, attracting people and stimulating consumption.

JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD are keeping growing day by day, and become more professional with patient and determination, you will see......