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orderly management became the basis of production for stable and professional quality in Die Cast Spirit Level tools

The benefits of implementing 6S management

(1) Improve corporate performance: a neat and clean working environment can attract customers and enhance self-confidence as we are professional on the Die Cast Spirit Level tools  ;

(2) Reduce waste: Due to the clutter of the site, other things have nowhere to be stacked, which is a waste of space, and make more place to put the right things, like the signal and notice things for Die Cast Spirit Level

(3) Improve efficiency: Having a good working environment can make workers feel happy; placing things in an orderly manner can improve work efficiency and reduce handling operations, they will feels more like a home, and they will take responsbilty on programs for producing Die Cast Spirit Level.

(4) Quality assurance: Once employees develop the habit of serious and rigorous work, the repair rate of the Die Cast Spirit Level will be greatly reduced and product quality will be improved.

(5) Safety guarantee: Keep the passage unblocked and employees develop the habit of being serious and responsible, which will reduce production of Die Cast Spirit Level and non-production accidents.

(6) Improve the service life of the equipment: timely cleaning, spot inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment can prolong the service life of the equipment for producing Die Cast Spirit Level.

(7) Cost reduction: Doing well in 6 S can reduce running, dripping and back-and-forth handling, thereby reducing costs;
(8) Accurate delivery: The standardization of the production system makes the production process clear at a glance, and the abnormal phenomena in the production are obvious. 
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