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What is a Right Angle Precision Square? How to use a Right Angle Precision Square?


The right angle precision square is the ideal tools for many places on working, can be used for measuring tools, instruments, machine tools.  Co-constructed adjustment and identification of workpieces, such as verifying the verticality of the movement of the instrument guide rails, detecting the verticality error of the mutual positions of the workpieces, etc. 

Introduction to the square ruler:
A right angle precision square is a professional measuring tool, referred to as a square for short. A right angle precision square is also called a ruler in some occasions. According to the material, right angle precision square can be divided into cast iron square, magnesium-aluminum square and granite square. right angle precision square is used to detect the verticality of the workpiece. The verticality of the degree and the relative position of the workpiece is sometimes used for scribing. right angle precision square is suitable for verticality inspection of machine tools, mechanical equipment and parts, installation, processing and positioning, scribing, etc. right angle precision square is an important measuring tool in the machinery industry. right angle precision square is characterized by high precision, good stability and easy maintenance.

A right angle precision square, machined and hand-finished from high-quality stone. Black luster, precise structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, high hardness, can maintain high precision under heavy load and general temperature, and has no rust, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, non-magnetization, no deformation Etc. For inspection, measurement, marking, equipment installation, construction of industrial engineering.

How to use a square ruler:
(1) The right angle precision square is generally used to inspect precision measuring tools; first level  is used to inspect precision workpieces; second level is used to inspect general workpieces.

(2) Before used the right angle precision square, check whether the working surfaces and edges are bruised. The left and right sides of the long side of the square ruler and the upper and lower sides of the short side are the workpiece surfaces (means right angles inside and outside). Clean the working surface of the ruler and the working surface to be inspected.

(3) When using, place the square ruler against the working surface of the workpiece to be tested, and use the optical gap method to identify whether the angle of the workpiece is correct. Pay attention to handle, lean, and put lightly to prevent warping.

(4) In order to obtain accurate measurement results, the square can be turned 180 degrees and measured again, and the arithmetic average of the second readings can be taken as the measurement result, which can eliminate the deviation of the square itself.

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