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newest design of multi-fuction composite speedlite square on 2022 is on the show

Not like the luxury multifunction speed square,this composite speedlite square is more like your close friend who really think for you as always.

The composite speedlite square is multi-functional as a tool set. 

The body of composite speedlite square is made by heavy duty aluminium won't bent or twist, the surface is anodized finished which looks smoothly and professional.

The scales and logo on the composite speedlite square will be lasered which can hold long times without faded.

The composite speedlite square is setted with one wooden pencil which can mark the location and angles better.

The composite speedlite square is also assembled with one removable positional aluminium nut which can fixed and read the angles more clearly and easier.

The most impotant of this composite speedlite square is all the edges are made by CNC machine which can make sure the high accuracy of angles and the smooth surface which can protect your hands from any hurts.

The composite speedlite square is hanged on the key chain which makes easy to take anywhere and hang to show better.

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