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Aluminium 90 degree positioning square make one set with foam packing


This aluminium 90 degree positioning squares are designed to be clamped to boxes, picture frames, shelf cabinets and for outside corners.etc, to assist with squaring during glue up. 

Place aluminium 90 degree positioning square in the corner of the two stock pieces you need to square and secure with a set of clamps. Available in 12cm/4.7". 

People prefer to apply this 90 degree positioning square to assemble and DIY by clamping boxes, drawers, cabinets, frames, furniture cabinets, etc. 

This aluminium 90 degree positioning squares are perfect tools for squaring up shelf cabinets. 

Maintain a perfect square while assembling frames, cabinets, or just about any box! Some woodworkers even find it useful to incorporate them into their jigs and fixtures. Satisfaction, high-utility, efficiency-squared.

You can choose one set ( one aluminium 90 degree positioning square, two screws, two nuts and two positioning block), two set (two aluminium 90 degree positioning squares, four screws, four nuts and four positioning blocks)  

The packing of this aluminium 90 degree positioning square is foam packing with correct holes, can protect the products better for anti-scratch and show the products better.

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