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  • The Spirit Level Tools is a type of metering that uses the principle of the level of the liquid surface to directly display the angle displacement, and the measured surface is relatively horizontal position, the vertical position, and the degree of departure of the tilt position.


  • This multi-function speed square with wooden pencil is just invented by JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD which is very professional and experienced manufactory, this speed square will be a versatile facility to people who enjoys work itself and take every procedure as an experience as a lifetime


  • JINHUA HAODE TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD keep moving and update the new designs of spirit levels, combination squares, tir-angle squares year by year. There is one new model of 90 Degree Positioning Square which already on the position and be ready to make mass production, with solid material and smart appearance for picture frame box and cabinets drawers.


  • This Composite Speedlite Square is another update innovation we are going to introduce to you all. We prefer to call this square simple smart multifunction speed square,which is also applied to be a combination of speed square and protractor as well as layout tool.


  • The accuracy of the spirit level refers to the axial movement of the level bubble and the inclination angle when the center of the bubble coincides with the symmetrical center of the left and right marking lines when the level is at a specified horizontal inclination angle.


  • A square tool is made for drawing or checking right angles, and sometimes for scribing lines. The square tools are characterized by high precision, good stability and easy maintenance