Torpedo Level Tools

We are torpedo level tools manufactures, our own brand is haode and have a little famous on the local market, we want to open the exporting market with our quality and service, and we are ready to develop ourselves by hardworking and keep learning, we will invent two or three new models by our experience and sensitive of market and forecast of future market trends, we are very willing to experiment and challenge, and courage. The torpedo level tools is one of our mainly products lines and we hope they can be popular and acceptable on your market too.

The most important and obvious character of torpedo level tools is the small size, it is 9 inch as usual, also have 10 inch and 12 inch, it can be easy to put into the pocket or hold on the hands, it also can be hanged on the belt on the working time, the mainly materials of them is aluminum and ABS plastic, the aluminum is cast and solid to keep the body strong and won't be Brent or twist, the levels have three solid block acrylic vials which can read horizontal,  vertical and 45 degree, for some models, the levels are assembled with rotate vial which can read from 0 to 180, and some levels are putted with viewable window which can read the angles easily. the accuracy of them can reach 0.5mm/m which is very high accurate, it can makes your work better with tools.

Our factory have built more than 20 years and come bigger than before because we are responsible to our customers and our workers, they checked our products and agree with our culture, it is our big wealth for factory. stable staff means stable quality and high output, stable quality means stable market . We will insist on our production ranges on square tools, spirit level tools and torpedo level tools, and we will rich our designs of models to be acceptable on more markets and customers.
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  • This is our classical model for magnetic torpedo level on the market more than 20 years, it belongs to economic one with same function which can be used on the small project and place, it is so easy to take on the pocket and light weight to carry.

Torpedo Level Tools can be customized from Haode, which is one of China Torpedo Level Tools manufacturers and suppliers. If you want to buy or wholesale the newest products, we can sell them at a low price. We also provide you with quotation and free samples. In addition, we will provide 5 years warranty. If you’re interested in our high quality products, please feel free to contact us by email, and you are welcome to visit our factory. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.